Learn Where Visitors Are Abandoning In Your Sales Funnel

We handcraft and deliver a weekly WooCommerce funnel report directly to your inbox.

Each report includes charts, graphs and a custom write up explaining what’s going on with your sales funnel, suggesting which parts could use some work and offering feedback on how your funnel optimization is working for you.

Have specific areas of your funnel you want to look at? No problem we can customize the report for you too!

For this to work though we need to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Drop your email address below and lets get in touch!

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Here’s What You Get

Abandonment Trends Charts

The report includes trendlines for each step of your sales funnel including sessions without products views, sessions abandoning with items left in the cart, sessions abandoning on the checking, etc.

Overall Funnel View

See how your sales funnel looks in an easy to use and standard funnel report view. This is a great gut check on how things are looking.

Weekly Handcrafted Emails

We spend time each week reviewing the data and sending our thoughts, suggestions and answering your questions using data to back things up.

Want us to focus on someting specific in your funnel? Let us know and we can do that for you!

Accurate Data

Our reports are built on top of data you’re likely already collecting with Google Analytics which ensures the reports are accurate. If Google Analyics isn’t set up yet though no worries, we can help with that!

What Others Are Saying

Mike from Small Fish Analytics has been helping my company identify problems with the flow of our website which in turn helps to raise our conversions.

I was finding it difficult to know what to change without data. The data Mike has been providing us is crucial in determining where we should be spending our research dollars.

The money I have spent on web development since 1997 is enormous. Money spend without direction is money down the drain.

Mike has certainly identified areas of certainty where results can be measured. We now know where to look for improvements.

Steve Wotherspoon

Owner, Couplemate Trailer Parts

Mike has been instrumental in ferreting out some major problems with my sales and product pages.

In the very first week he figured out my pages were too long, and no one was scrolling to read about my product. D’oh! With that one bit of information in hand I re-jiggered my pages and my conversion rate increased, which equated to more holiday sales. Definite win.

Now we’re diving deeper to make additional changed for even more improvement.

I highly recommend working with Mike!

Stephanie Steavetti

Owner, Fearless Fresh